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I have 2 of my children registered at TLC Nursery and feel very reassured when I drop them off each morning that they are happy and safe. When I collect them each day they tell me how much they love the nursery and the teachers. I think the day care's design is beautiful and unique with loads of space for the kids to roam and explore. Every classroom has big windows with natural light pouring in. There are emergency access doors in each classroom that even the children can push open themselves which leads them straight outside to safety if needed. The materials at the nursery are top grade and we are happy with the Montessori approach and focus incorporated into the curriculum. My wife was also happy to use the transition room during the first weeks, where she could relax with a coffee on her laptop and feel assured the little ones were settling in. There was no pressure on her to drop them and leave. We are so happy to have found this nursery it has completely changed our lives and our children lives. Our son was having a lot of tantrums and now he is much calmer and happier since attending the nursery. It's worth a visit to see for yourself.

Mohamed Sahli Business Manager Qatar April 13, 2017

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Jon Doe Designer Sydney April 9, 2017