At TLC we believe that by nurturing a strong sense of balance in all the lives we touch, we will make a positive life long difference!

why us?

A revolutionary concept in early childhood development.

The TLC nursery vision is to see the children grow and learn through play and translate that into a strong foundation for future educational experiences. The children feel welcome, safe and nurtured while they learn. When you come to our Nursery, we want you to consider this as an extended family. We want our families to leave each day thinking, “We love the TLC Nursery, we can’t imagine our child anywhere else.”

TLC daycare and Nursery caters to children 8 weeks to 4 years for an extended full day programme. We are open year round from Sunday to Thursday from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm.

The TLC Nursery curriculum focuses on the following Learning Domains, ensuring your child develops the 4Cs—communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity—leading to learning independence and school readiness for your child. The program is geared at fostering the cognitive and social development of each child, through the delivery of child-appropriate fun and engaging activities, guided by highly trained teachers, providing each child a fun learning experience. Our professional teachers skillfully plan engaging learning activities that build upon what your child can do, encouraging exploration along the way. Our program includes but not limited to; core reading skills, language development, phonological awareness, understanding numbers, gross & fine motor skills, healthy habits, character building, manners, and a strong home school connection.

Extracurricular activities include: Crayola Art & Craft, Music Together, Little Gym, Lego, Drumming Circle, Singing, Mud Works, Taekwondo, Dance & Movement, Helicopter Story Telling Technique, Handwriting Without Tears, The learning Zone Express Food Program, Soft Play, Blocks and Manipulatives. Additional Languages: Arabic, French, Spanish, German & Mandarin. We aim to offer the most well balanced early childhood programme for young children in Doha.

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Devicariis and teachers met with colleagues across grades throughout the district to use ib inquiry-style units to create mathematics and english/language arts common-core curriculum units for san diego.